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Investing in training and development not only benefits the bottom line, but also provides a lift to morale and teamwork. The challenge, until now, has been the presence of outdated training in all sectors that have been focused on memorization without inspiring measurable behavioral changes. At Norton Norris, our training is informed by research, endorsed by legal counsel, aligned with best practices, and provides methods that are proven to work. And you can count on our eLearning and facilitators to provide an experience that leaves participants a changed person – personally and professionally.



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Leaderboards: Tracks the points you have earned by completing modules and viewing pre-recorded webinars. The individuals with the most points appear on the leaderboard.

Badges: Are acquired by completing a certain set of courses (i.e., Self-Awareness, Ethics & Compliance) and have multiple tiers based on the amount of content you have completed within those categories. The tiers range from Beginner to Master.